Doors open: 21:00

Concert: 21:30 (Price 10-) 

After two albums designed to resonate with the pictorial works of his brother, Louis Billette went looking for the material that gives rise to this third album. 

A quest for an inner song, the setting to music of lived experiences, but also a return to the roots of his musical vocation, between the circularity of hip-hop and the lyricism of Coltrane. 

To do this, he has favoured a more direct, intuitive approach, writing in movement, as close as possible to the moment of performance, placing blind trust 

in the team that has served his music for more than five years. Recorded at the end of a tour, Le Temps d'une Vie captures the kind of energy that comes from spontaneity, wonder and excitement at the contact with the new. 

Poetic without being meditative, this album makes us feel the unfolding of life in that it is the emergence of differences over the repetition of the passing days, the diversity of moments and the unpredictable directions it can take, and holds together 

in what we call a life.





Dates 11/27/21, 9:30 PM - 2:00 AM

Price 10 CHF