Created in 2017 by Johnny Sunshine of the Poissons Voyageurs collective, (guitar, vocals) and Lorain Ohio (double bass, vocals), this duo very often transforms into a trio, quartet and even more with regular and distinguished guests like Serge Violon the indomitable scatman, Ohayo the bewitching folk singer, Sean Mandolin, the American soloist born on the shores of Ohio, Sam the pianist, Mani Graph on the cello, Colleen Wriggle on the jazz violin, and many others, who are grafted according to the meetings, projects, trips and jams at the Café Bayard. Offering a repertoire of compositions and arrangements of blues standards (swinging or not), bluegrass and old jazz, Sunshine in Ohio lets the voices answer each other and intermingle, the rhythms vary, and gives itself the mission to animate all kinds of places, to make the mouths sing, to delight the ears, and especially to make the spirits dream ! Reserve your seats quickly as we can only accommodate 38 people. 

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Dates 4/24/21, 9:30 PM - 11:30 PM

Price 10 CHF