"CINCO-PA" visits standards from the Latin American repertoire and jazz, with a special emphasis on syncretic rhythmic exploration.
This septet combines elements of Caribbean and Afro-Caribbean music with jazz standards, with a special interest in the rhythmic and sonorous range of Afro-Cuban ritual and secular practices (Yoruba, Bantu, Carabalì, Dahomean cults; Conga and Rumba rhythms: Guaguanco, Columbia, among others). ) and Afro-Peruvian rhythms such as the festejo and landò, Afro-descendant rhythms from Angola, Mozambique and Congo.

Cinco-Pa consists of:
- Delmis Aguilera, bass
- Peter Cattan, piano
- Carlos Acevedo, percussions: cajòn, bongo, cajita, bells, güiro
- Jérôme Gautschi, trombone
- Diego Sossa, alto saxophone
- Orland Oliva, drums
- Marie-Laure Toppo, percussions: tambours batàs, congas, quijada de burro


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Dates 6/5/21, 9:30 PM - 1:00 AM

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