Fire Cream

It's the musical eclecticism and the complicity of the band Fire Cream that gives them their authentic and unclassifiable rock sound, at the crossroads of 70's and 90' rock.

Since 2019, the five musicians from Annecy (Drums: Dan, Bass: Phil, Guitars: Marc and Francis, vocals: Ben) have been playing on the stages of Caf' Conc', music festivals and other festivities. Mainly a song writing band, a few covers have been added to their repertoire (Green Day, Placebo, Foo Fighter, Clash, NOFX...)

Fire... cream... a whole program to be appreciated without reserve!


Skina and trailers

When the solo project of Tanya, called Skintrail, meets a talented guitar player and bass player, it becomes Skina and the Trailers. Between blues, feel-good song cover songs, and original songs rather folk, but a little dark, it results in a musical journey that will enchant you. All three musicians being used to playing live, it will be the first time in this line-up.




Dates 1/28/23, 9:00 PM - 11:59 PM

Price 10.-