L'Auberge is extremely grateful to have the pleasure of welcoming the excellent musician and composer FREDERIC BOREY and his trio BUTTERFLIES with none other than the great LIONEL LOUEKE as guest.


Frederic Borey (tenor sax, composition)

Lionel Loueke (guitare, vocal, composition)

Damien Varaillon (contrebasse)

Stephane Adsuar (batterie, composition)


LIEU : Espace culturel de l’Auberge des Vergers




CONCERT : 21:30 (Doors open : 21 :00)


ENTRANCE: 20- (25- with Masterclass Lionel Loueke 17:00)


With this new album on Fresh Sound Records, Frederic Borey combines ambition, musicality and friendship.

Following their first album (©2019), and nearly 80 concerts since 2018, the BUTTERFLIES Trio has built, together and with the public, a strong relationship. Strengthened by this human and musical complicity, they dreamed big and decided to invite Lionel Loueke, an international musician (Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter, Chick Corea, Dave Holland, Charlie Haden, Joe Lovano, Chris Potter, Esperanda Spalding, Robert Glasper, Sting, Gretchen Parlato...) and a faithful friend they met 26 years ago, for this second record.

This idea came from a collective desire to 'renew' ourselves. The trio is the base that defines us, and around which

The trio is the base that defines us, and around which we think it is interesting (for ourselves and for the public) to create permanently, to have fun, to shake things up, to innovate. This also ties in with the desire to keep a certain form of spontaneity, improvisation and surprise linked to the tradition of our music, jazz.

The original idea of inviting Lionel was an obvious one. As the three of us have the greatest respect for his career

the three of us have the greatest respect for his career, it was a question of continuing to place human relations at the forefront of our group, beyond his musical originality.

our group.  

In this new opus, which includes 11 tracks, 8 in quartet and 3 in trio, we find Frederic's compositions, of course, but also those of his accomplices, who all composed for the project. Each track has a strong identity. You can recognize Frederic's writing in 'Don't Give Up', 'Lou' (a duet between Frederic and Lionel) or 'Insomnia' whose production (notably with two drums and two guitars recorded at the same time) brings a real new sound to his repertoire. Do Hwe Wutu' (Thanks to You) is a testimony in Beninese of Frederic's brotherly gratitude towards Lionel. One can also hear pure Lionel Loueke with 'Camille', written and sung by the guitarist, whose style is instantly recognisable. The result is a well-balanced, diverse and humane recording, where everyone has a say.

The Butterflies Trio invite Lionel Loueke to join them, and they flutter around together, just as they do together. 

"That's all we are trying to be, 4 butterflies that meet and fly together for the time of a dance". 





Dates 4/23/22, 9:00 PM - 2:00 AM

Price 20.-